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Top 5 iPhone Apps of 2014 from tech news


The beauty of the iPhone is enhanced by the many apps that have been developed especially for it. Every iPhone user downloads and uses at least one third-party app to make the most of the smartphone so well designed by Apple. If you love the iPhone experience and want to make it better, here are the top 5 apps that you should look at this year.


Wake Alarm


Bored of the same old alarm notification on your iPhone screen? Here is one that will let you wake up to something beautiful on screen. The app, called Wake Alarm Clock, is intuitive and simple. It allows you to spin the dial of the clock to set the alarm, and has different options for snoozing and turning it off based on the kind of sleeper you are. Like the built-in alarm in iPhone, Wake allows you to set a song from your iTunes library as wake up tone. This alarm, designed for everyone from light sleepers to deep dreamers, is an excellent app that you must checkout. The only catch is that the app is not free.




Wish your photos could speak? Now they can, with the new iPhone app called Trunx. This app allows you to merge your photographs with audio recordings so you can relive the fun, happy, and special moments all over again. The app also has a feature called SharedPix, which allows you to collaborate with your friends and family to create albums. The photos you share via Trunx are stored on the app's servers and can be deleted from your phone if you need to create additional space for other files. This app is also not free—it costs $2.99.


Google Analytics


For online marketers and business owners who want to be able to work on their online marketing campaign on the go, the Google Analytics app is here. The app is absolutely free and allows you to do everything that you have been able to do with your desktop version of Google's tool. Real-time metrics like audience acquisition and behavior can also be viewed using this app.




Have you ever been to a place or passed through one that you instantly liked and wanted others to know about it? You may not have been able to share details about interesting places instantly with your friends before, but you can now—with Maphook. Maphook is a free app that acts as your journal, only it is location based. The app connects you to a map and allows you to take on-location photos, add notes, and even take videos that can be shared with other Maphook users. You can also browse the entries of other users, which is a great way to explore and find interesting places in your city.


Pocket Drive+


One of the most important things that Apple has neglected to include in the iPhone is a feature that lets you use it as a drive. The iOS file manager allows you to turn your iPhone into a wireless pocket drive that appears as an external drive when connected to your Mac or Windows computer. Pocket Drive+ simply helps you transfer files from your laptop to your iPhone and the other way round, as and when needed. With this app, there is no need to carry your external hard drive along wherever you go. The app, however, comes with a price—it costs a little over a couple of dollars, and allows you to save files up to 512 mb. In spite of the high cost and the low memory space, this is one of the best file managers for your iPhone. 

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